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Residential Sewage Repair from Los Angeles, California

Mr. Sewer Rooter Inc. in Los Angeles, California, is the area's leading sewage contractor providing timely and effective residential sewage repair services.

Street Sewer Replacements

In the case of a sewer line problem, we provide professional sewer repair and replacement services for commercial and residential clients. Holding an 'A' and 'C42' license, issued by the state of California, we are able to work on street sewage systems, as well as within commercial and residential divisions.

Working on misaligned, damaged, or broken sewage lines, we use heavy equipment to excavate, remove and replace the lines, all in accordance and under inspection regulations. We are generally able to complete a project within 3 days.

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Pipe Lining

For damaged or broken sewage pipes, we are able to place a lining within the existing pipe, essentially replacing the damaged pipe or area. After placing the lining within the pipe, we fit an air tube inside to facilitate drying and setting. Once the area is dry, the air pipe is removed, with the area regaining its structural integrity. From start to finish, pipelining generally takes 3 days to complete.

Hydro Jetting

Using high-pressure and high-volume amounts of water, this technique is used to literally scour pipes clean, as well as dislodge sludge build-up clogging or potentially clogging sewage lines. By using video camera inspection on location, we are able to locate damaged, broken, or clogged areas within a sewage line, effectively providing us with a literal picture, better allowing us to work more efficiently and timely.

Asphalt Patching

We provide patching services for disrupted and damaged areas within the paved areas.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement

A less invasive form of sewer line replacement, trenchless replacement allows us to replace and seal any broken or leaking areas within an existing sewer line. By running a cable through the existing line we are able to pull a new pipe into place while removing the older, damaged line.

The pipes are made of a polyethylene material, are designed to remain structurally sound during an earthquake, and are an affordable alternative to traditional piping. Pipes range from 2" to 6" in diameter.

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